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About us


A holistic beauty and health sanctuary which offer personalized treatments that help women understand, manage and pamper their entire selves, in order to achieve a level of wellbeing that lets them exude the ultimate end-products of beauty, namely, CONFIDENCE, RELAXATION, ELEGANCE, and SOPHISTICATION- words which form the ecronym C.R.E.S

CRES’s aim is for each women to attain the ultimate end

  • Product of beauty, rather than simply its manifestation of facial perfection and an hourglass figure.
  • Something which requires more than just a self – topically applied product regimen.

Brand DNAs


Our exceptionally skilled estheticians personalize every treatment to suit your individual needs and concerns with visible and sustainable results.


Provide effective and result driven body slimming and firming treatments to improve personal appearance and boost self confidence.


Immerse totally for an exclusive pampering and relaxation leaving the mind, body and spirit totally rejuvenated and distressed.